Omid Akhbarati
امید اخباراتی

This website contains information provided by individuals who have been harmed in any way by Omid Akhbarati. The purpose of this site is to awaken people to the truth. Whatever is published here, has been written by people who have been close to Omid Akhbarati for many years and have therefore witnessed his version of “proper conduct” first hand. Calling humans stupid, and attacking, defaming, insulting or accusing innocent people in public in writing or during meetings, especially those who worked hard for many years to support the Omid Foundation, is ethically despicable and shall therefore be shown to the public for them to judge for themselves.


1. Akhbarati was named in the restrictive measures against Iran in December 2012 by the EU council the grounds of "assisting designated entities to violate the provisions of the EU regulation on Iran and is providing financial support to the government of Iran". Akhbarati was arrested in 2013 while boarding a commercial flight to the United Arab Emirates, when he was initially prosecuted for influence peddling and providing fake passport. Charges against him included: bribery, fraud and setting up bogus companies.

2. From 2013 to 2015 Omid lived in Istanbul for a few months, but because of an investigation by the police of Turkey, he fled to Dubai with fake documents. Until the end of 2015, he lived in Dubai. He then tried to move on to London, but returned soon afterwards, and now lives in Tehran, Iran.

3. Omid twists and pretends to be a very important man or former billionaire, who knows many political leaders and presidents.

4. He also claims publicly to have friends in very high places, such as security agencies, including the CIA, Mossad, FSB and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

5. In late 2013, he was arrested and accused of withholding $1.5 billion of government money owned by the Ministry of Petroleum, in his attempts to facilitate Iran's oil revenue hindered by the sanctions against Iran. He was convicted of corruption, sentenced to jail and spent 6 mounts behind the bars then escaped to Georgia.

Sex crimes
In Nov 2018 Hurriet daily news reported that more than a dozen women accused Omid Akhbarati of sexually harassing , assaulting or raping them. Many other women subsequently reported similar experiences with Omid who denied "any nonconsensual sex". As a part of the “Me Too movement” in Iran, several women claimed that Omid Akhbarati exploited his position to commit sexual abuse and harassment. On 25 Feb 2021, Omid confessed that he had committed some abuses and apologized for his behavior.

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